I was born in the red dust of the Australian outback and now call Sydney my home.


Memories of arid landscapes, clear horizons and camping under graceful River Red Gums in dry creek beds in Outback NSW gave me a love for the Australian bush and its unique wildlife. These experiences and my passion to conserve these environments led to me developing a 20 year career protecting these  environments. 

My interest in wildlife photography stems from immersing myself into wilderness areas to locate and capture images of Australia's unique flora and fauna. 

I love nothing more than jumping into my 4wd and hitting the open road to get away from it all, to  explore real wilderness areas - the real Australia. I have a genuine passion for all Australian wildlife - particularly birds - and photographing their unique behaviours. 

I truly enjoy sharing this passion and educating others on why these environments and animals are so special, from beginners to experienced wildlife enthusiasts alike. 


Matt Baker